Other standards

Interior plaster and paint

gypsum plaster, white paint.


plasterboard ceilings in the toilets, bathrooms and technical (maintenance) rooms, laundry; locally in other rooms of the apartment, if required by lowered structural ceiling or distribution of air conditioning.

Apartment entrance doors

Safety class 2, fire resistant, minimum height 210 cm.

Heating + DHW

electric underfloor heating mat in bathrooms, in the living room wall-mounted radiators (Korado Koratherm Vertikal M) and floor convectors without fan in front of the terrace and balcony entrances, heating control will be ensured by room thermostats in habitable rooms, heating and hot water will be provided by central gas condensing boiler.

Metering and control

remote secondary metering of cold water, hot water, heating water, electricity.

High-voltage current

Bticino Living Light cover plates in white colour, wiring routed in plaster or construction cavities or above ceilings, switchboard is situated in the apartment, in accommodation units sockets are placed according to the ground-plan designed by the project architect, provision for intelligent cabling.

Low-voltage current

Information systems - a master TV antenna DVB-T, master SAT antenna (receives ASTRA + SKY), video entryphone, TV/SAT outlet in each habitable room, cover plates Unica Basic in white colour.


central roof fans for toilets and bathrooms, noise damping hose, anti-odour check valve, apartments on top floors are equipped with cooling systems.


Built-in kitchen is not provided, provision for the installation of basic appliances, installation outlets end on the edge of kitchen cabinets in the following range:

  • hot and cold water, waste,
  • The free end of EL cable for future connections = 1 x socket for kitchen stove, 1 × socket for oven, 1 × socket for dishwasher, 3 x 220 V sockets for other appliances, 2 × 220 V outlets for kitchen cabinet lighting,
  • Air-conditioning outlet for connecting the extractor hood.

All wires are capped or left with bare cable end.

Current information about the standards of La Crone can be provided to you by the seller of the project.