The address with history and future 

Location La Crone is a place on top. Literally. Not only because it is on a hill, but also because it is impassable, and thus saved from the bustle of traffic. Moreover, its sensitive location among existing buildings does not take anything from the genius loci of  "old" Ladronka.

In the main street Tomanova, right in front of the reception, there is a bus stop, where on weekdays buses run every 10 minutes, not only to the downtown but also to the Václav Havel airport.

If you like sports, then you can enjoy yourself right at Ladronka, the nearby Strahov and also on a smaller pitch next to the La Crone complex.

In the vicinity, there are also excellent restaurants, a museum and even a cultural center. Families with small children will certainly appreciate the private kindergarten nearby.