Every day from your terrace you will see not only half of Prague, but the Říp or Ještěd peaks.
Thanks to the complex of tunnels, getting to Troja and other parts of the city by car is quick and easy.
Half of Prague, including the St. Vitus Cathedral is there before your eyes.
Petřín Tower lies just around the corner. Feel free to visit our sales centre that affords an almost identical view as your new home.

Who says you cannot buy

a place at the top?
Do you like airiness? Your new home at La Crone can have a clear height of up to 2.95m in habitable rooms.
Wood/aluminium windows offer a combination of exceptional quality and exclusive design.
Standards within the La Crone are, in all respects, conceived at the highest level. It is up to you to decide what accessories to equip your new home with.
From spring to autumn terraces, loggias and balconies will become an extra room.

Living near Ladronka.

Living without compromises.